B-D-R TRANSPORT, INC. was founded in 1970 to carry footwear from New England manufacturers to west coast markets and return with processed leather.  Over the years, our services increased to include most types of LTL freight. We expanded our operations to include freight forwarding to virtually any point in the continental United States from New England and, conversely, from California to New England. Through the years, B-D-R Transport has grown to become a full service LTL contract carrier with over $7.5 million in annual revenues. We provide expedited cross-country service in both directions between points in New England and California. To provide this service, we utilize air ride tractors and trailers operating between terminals in Santa Fe Springs CA and Westminster VT.

By loading direct-to-destination, your freight moves quickly and with minimal damage. B-D-R’s standard delivery time is five business days* and our claims ratio is an impressive one tenth of one percent.

We have transported the Indian that is seen at Mohegan Sun and the slate for Rosanne Barr’s roof. We’ve delivered tool cabinets to Apple Computer and once delivered a shipment INSIDE the Kingdome in Seattle. Our “off-the-beaten-path” deliveries have included a small island off the Massachusetts coast that was so small the truck took up the entire ferry boat, and to a government site in Nevada that was so secret the truck had to drive 20 miles on a dirt road after they left the entry gate.

Operating as a contract carrier allows B-D-R Transport the flexibility of tailoring its service to best fit your needs.

* Please contact us for more information regarding expedited shipments.